Biometric Time-Tracking Software is the Right Fix: 

When the old electronic time clock at Sarasota Orthopedics began requiring frequent repairs, Assistant Administrator Lisa Dement decided it was time to automate. A punch-card system that required employees to enter the last four digits of their social security numbers sounded like a good idea. But when the software kept crashing, the time clock would go down, leaving Dement to enter all the information by hand.

“I tolerated that for three months and got rid of the whole thing,” explains Dement, who, once again, set off on a mission to find an affordable system. This time, however, she had new criteria. The product had to have a track record for reliable performance and had to be from a company that stands behind its products with a solid maintenance plan and tech support.

“The challenge was finding something that fell within our budget but offered hardware and software that would require the least amount of my time,” says Dement. “It seemed like every application was designed for offices with 100 or more employees, with all kinds of features that we would never use and didn’t want to pay for. We considered a swipe card mechanism, but didn’t want to deal with the inevitable lost and forgotten badges. Plus, in a clinical setting, our nurses are constantly washing their hands, so a system that didn’t require manual entry was a huge advantage.”

When she learned about Count Me In, LLC and its award-winning Timecard Monitor on the Intuit website, Dement had her ” Eureka moment”. “This was the only full-featured, user-friendly system I found in our price range. It had the management reporting capabilities and the flexibility we needed – all for less than $500! We installed the system almost three years ago and since then it’s run without a hitch. Plus, it achieves exceptional security and gets high ratings for being user-friendly.”

The time and attendance software is a biometric system that uses an exclusive LightningID fingerprint identification engine. With two finger-taps on a digital sensor, it authenticates employees’ identities while logging in their arrival and departure times. Developed by Count Me In, LLC, a Mt. Prospect , IL-based company specializing in software solutions for the small to mid-sized business market, the application is designed to seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks and offers additional modules to link with other small business accounting programs (Peachtree, ACCPAC, etc.) and with leading payroll processors (such as ADP and Paychex.)

Dement was also impressed with the system’s versatility, which allows for a company’s particular pay policies: “You can set-up parameters specific to your organization, like pre-populated holidays, lunches hours, or workdays exceeding nine hours. It also lets me see at-a-glance who’s working overtime or whether an employee is out due to illness, on vacation or taking a personal day. And, the software is installed on SOA’s network, so I can access and purge data from home.”

“No more buddy-punching; fast, accurate payroll preprocessing and the information I need about my staff when I need it – you bet we got the return on our investment,” says Dement.